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UMA WRAP is a wrapping paper that extends into a honeycomb 3D structure providing extra cushioning and protection to the goods in a eco-friendly way, A great alternative to plastic bubble wrap. UMA WRAP has a wide variety of uses such as wrapping ceramics, glassware, plates, silverware, cosmetics, electronic, spare parts, and many more.

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The unique honeycomb structure fits around oddly shaped objects, ensuring full and sturdy protection, comparable to plastic bubble wrap. It keeps everything intact and safe from knocking into each other when packed in one vessel and against minor handling.


UMA WRAP elasticity makes it flexible to use for various shapes and sizes. Eliminate the use of tape and scissors when wrapping. Reduce the storage space through the natural pre-pack optimization.


UMA WRAP recyclable material is sourced from a FSC certified and ASI accredited supplier. Reusable and degradable. Reduce the carbon foot print one wrap at a time.

Inspiring Branding

UMA WRAP helps businesses adopt eco-friendly marketing campaigns and advertising strategies demonstrate a business’s core values and enhance its image.



UMA PAK is proud to announce a year-long partnership with LindungiHutan, a crowdfunding platform for forest conservation in Indonesia. For every purchase of the eco-friendly wrapping paper UMA-WRAP, UMA PAK will plant one tree through LindungiHutan, committing to plant 750 trees in the first three months in Kalimantan and Sulawesi. Effective from the 22nd April 2021 which coincides with Earth Day reaffirms UMA-PAK's commitment towards environmental protection through a full-circle CSR initiative

dari bahan dan pattern honeycombnya sebenernya so far paling bagus dan paling kuat dari semua produk sejenis yang saya cobain !

Bena Kribo

Founder of @_petakumpet_ Puzzle Store

Sejauh ini uma wrap benar-benar mampu menjaga barang dalam setiap paket yang saya kirim. Selain aman sekaligus menambah estetika juga hehe. untuk penyimpanan uma wrap tidak memakan banyak tempat. The best deh. kalo sudah habis pasti akan repeat order lagi! Thank you UMA PAK!


Acrylic Claywork

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Protecting the environment by reducing plastic waste and supporting reforestation at once by simply shifting to eco-friendly packaging

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What we would like you to know

Here are some answers to common questions, if you cant find what you're looking for please do not hestitate to contact us with anything else you might be wondering

What is the type of material used in the honeycomb uma-wrap?

The honeycomb uma wrap is made from 100% virgin wood pulp that has been processed to kraft paper with a volume of 80gsm and certified FSC and ASI accredited.

How can i order?

Ordering from UMA PAK is really easy! Go ahead click the "shop now" button on the top right side of the navigation. You will be sent to our online shop. Here you will be able to order by choosing a product you desire and clicking buy now. You will then be asked to input a few details before finalising payment.

How do i become a uma pak reseller?

You can do this by going to "become a reseller" page and follow the step by step guide to becoming an UMA PAK reseller.

How many layers of honeycomb UMA WRAP do i need to use to protect my fragile items?

UMA PAK recommends that you wrap fragile items at least 6 times and more.

How do i get in contact with uma pak?

You can contact UMA PAK by going to the contact us page, You will be asked to fill out a form and once submitted our team will get back to you within a short time.

What does FSC stand for and what is it?

FSC stands for Forest stewardship council. FSC are responsible for sustainable forest management that has more than 20 years of expertise in managing the worlds forest. They combine authorities from the environmental, social and economic globe.